Painted Portraits

Using a digital camera I took a picture of each student, put them into my computer, changed each photo to B&W, and adjusted the quality to show a balanced range of values from light to dark. I then posterized each image using Adobe Photoshop in order to reduce the number of values to four: white, light gray, dark gray, and black. Students were given printouts of their resulting portraits. Students lightly taped their photos to a piece of heavy white paper, and a piece of transfer paper was slid between the face and the white paper. Each shape of each value was traced and transferred firmly with a ball point pen. Using their computer printouts as guides, students identified the dark gray shapes on the computer printout and painted the corresponding shapes on their white papers with their chosen hue and mixed gradually lighter values for the light gray and white shapes. Where it was black on the computer print out, students mixed and painted the areas a lower intensity of their hues.
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